Senior Pastor Report (March 2017)

Senior Pastor Report

MARCH 2017


  • Monthly staff meeting, usually last Tuesday of the month, with all church staff, principal and admissions director.
  • Monthly meeting with senior leadership team which consists of associate pastor, principal and business manage
  • Two times a month meet with principal
  • Every week meet with business manager
  • Every month meet with church staff individually to discuss their ministries, how they are moving them forward, and how they are in agreement with the overall strategic direction of Trinity
  • Once a week visit and speak with a classroom during religion class
  • Weekly vlogs on YouTube to church and community
  • Visitations cover some 50 people a month on average (1,500-1,800 miles covered)
  • Preaches 4 out of 5 Sundays on average
  • Weddings and Funerals (40+ a year) and Baptisms (45)
  • Offers approximately 70 worship opportunities a year
  • Administers the operations and ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church and School

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