What is the impact of the Governance Model?

Policy-Based Governance will help focus our church, like a laser beam, on ministry!

    • Mission-aligned, Policy-based Governance is:
      • scripturally sound
      • used successfully by many other LCMS congregations
      • endorsed by the Northern Illinois District, and is supported and used by our Synod
    • Mission-aligned, Policy-based Governance will:
      • Facilitate the identification of Trinity's goals (where we are going)
      • Be proactive
      • State congregational values, mission, vision, goals
      • Delegate responsibility and authority
      • Focus on strategic priorities
      • Develop leaders
      • Establish governing policies

What are the Congregational implications of the Governance Model?

    • Volunteers participate in a variety of Ministry Teams which means, "More ministry, fewer meetings!"
    • Advisory Councils provide staff with spiritual and professional expertise to enhance ministries without confusion about decision-making
    • Professional staff members are empowered to do what they have been trained to do
    • Senior Pastor (not boards) ensures all day-to-day ministry operations are overseen and delivers upon the strategic direction
    • Governance Board is an elected team, responsible to the Congregation that initiates policies to ensure Trinity’s mission is carried out

What does the Governance Board do?

    • This purpose of the Governance Board is described in the Governance Process section of the Policy Manual

How do I nominate someone for the Governance Board?

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