What is the impact of the Governance Model?

Policy-Based Governance will help focus our church, like a laser beam, on ministry!

    • Mission-aligned, Policy-based Governance is:

      • scripturally sound

      • used successfully by many other LCMS congregations

      • endorsed by the Northern Illinois District, and is supported and used by our Synod

    • Mission-aligned, Policy-based Governance will:

      • Facilitate the identification of Trinity's goals (where we are going)

      • Be proactive

      • State congregational values, mission, vision, goals

      • Delegate responsibility and authority

      • Focus on strategic priorities

      • Develop leaders

      • Establish governing policies

What are the Congregational implications of the Governance Model?

    • Volunteers participate in a variety of Ministry Teams which means, "More ministry, fewer meetings!"

    • Advisory Councils provide staff with spiritual and professional expertise to enhance ministries without confusion about decision-making

    • Professional staff members are empowered to do what they have been trained to do

    • Senior Pastor (not boards) ensures all day-to-day ministry operations are overseen and delivers upon the strategic direction

    • Governance Board is an elected team, responsible to the Congregation that initiates policies to ensure Trinity’s mission is carried out

What does the Governance Board do?

    • This purpose of the Governance Board is described in the Governance Process section of the Policy Manual

How do I nominate someone for the Governance Board?

How do I request to become a Voting Member?

If you would like to become a voting member of Trinity, per By-law II of our Constitution, the secretary must be notified in writing at least 40 days prior to the meeting at which you are eligible to vote.
Please email your request as below to voters@tlcs.org including the text - I request to become a voting member of Trinity Lutheran Church and School. I am a communicant member of this congregation and am 18 years of age or older.
fill out this Request for Voter Membership Form and submit it to the church office.

Thank you and please contact me with any questions.
Marco Melone | Governance Board | 708-699-3146 I voters@tlcs.org

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