Music Ministry Report (March 2017)

Music Ministry Report

MARCH 2017

Past Items

  • Instituted the use of Concertato or Hymn Festival Based Music for major church holidays (Reformation, All Saints, and Christmas)
  • Beginning to use the additional functions of the organ incorporating both a sequencer and synthesizer that were never used.
  • Kept the handbell and adult choirs stable. Working with Jo Rodenburg on planning and expanding our music program
  • Excellent Service of Lessons and Carol’s service.

Future Items

  • Still working on a brass choir. We now have three confirmed and need 5 total.
  • Overseeing that choirs are scheduled to perform at more services
  • Planning a Silent Film Festival with the organ. Date to be announced soon.
  • Lutheran High School of Kansas City Performing on March 10th
  • Planning on big Holy Week Services with instrumentalists and our adult choirs performing.
  • Planning on a having Dr. Steven Wente from Concordia to do a concert on our organ.
  • Teaching the congregation some new and more modern and uplifting hymns.
  • Instructing a Beginning Handbells course this summer, this will teach people basic music theory, counting, and note recognition.
  • Possible Hymn festival in 2018.