Governance Board Report (March 2017)


MARCH 2017

The Governance Board has had a busy schedule. In addition to the normal monthly review of Staff and Financial Reports, we have had other challenges.

We contracted Rev John Holm, consultant, to help us to understand our responsibilities and how Staff and Board can best work together to serve our Lord at Trinity. John Holm met individually with the Senior Pastor Advisory Council, the Senior Leadership Team, and the Governance Board. Then the Board and Senior Leadership Team spent a Saturday receiving guidance on how to best move forward working together in improving our Strategic Direction document and accomplishing our goals. One of the main suggestions that we were given was to have more interaction with the congregation. We plan to have more open “town hall type” meetings in the future to keep Trinity members more informed and to get more feedback from them.

We had a joint meeting with all the Advisory Councils and the Senior Leadership Team on Monday evening, Feb.13, to dialog on the offer from Delta Sonic to purchase some of our property. The final decision for that sale lies with The Voters’ Assembly, but we are intent in getting more information out and having open discussions on the differing opinions. The correct handling of this offer has been of great concern to the Board.

The Governance Board has also had to regretfully accept the resignation of Tim Griffin from the Governance Board due to his work schedule changes. The Board members, following the directions of Constitutional By-laws Article VI Section 3 (see below), has filled the vacancy with the acceptance of Erica Petro. We welcomed her at her first meeting on February 21, 2017 and look forward to her service on the Board.

We are currently finalizing a contract with an audit firm to have our first full audit next fall. We thank Daryl Dahlberg for his help in understanding the types of audits that are available and his time in helping the Board interview Audit firms to find the best fit for our requirements.

We are also in the midst of the nomination process for candidates for this year’s election to the Board of Governance. The Nominating committee will be in contact with the candidates to assure their qualifications, then information will be shared with the congregation before the election at the May 21, 2017 Voters’ Assembly meeting.


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