Governance Board Report (October 2016)



Since the May Voters Assembly, the Governance Board has met on a monthly basis in person and has communicated often via our Trinity google account. This allows for a savings of time during our monthly meeting as consent agenda items can be handled in an expeditious manner.

The Board has selected its officers for the fiscal new year, including Chairman Jeff Floerke, Vice Chairman Bill Birk, and Secretary Bev Rauch and has finalized the invitations for the Elders Advisory Council. The Board is continuing to work on a transition plan for its new board members and, to date, has also reviewed and discussed the role and responsibilities of Board members.

The Board has been diligent in its monthly monitoring of Sr. Pastor's adherence to policy and financial reports. In particular, clarifying questions are often asked when preliminary reports are received so that revised documents are prepared and officially submitted at the monthly meeting. The Board is cognizant of potential financial danger presented by an income shortfall resulting from actual school enrollment falling below the projected budgeted number.

The Board has continued to monitor and update the policy manual. It recently approved 2 policy revisions in the areas of 3.2 and 3.6 concerning Sr. Pastor Limitations.

The process of seeking and selecting a firm to audit our books has stretched longer than anticipated. One of the challenges has been the frugal allocation of funds requested by the Board as its cost of governance. A number of firms contacted desired more money than the Board felt prudent to spend. With the aid of member Daryl Dahlberg, the Board anticipates approving an audit this quarter.

The Board has continued meeting its ongoing responsibilities with the approval of new memberships and transfers; overseeing the Voters Assembly membership records and roster of eligible voters; updating and following the annual timeline for Governance Board actions, including scheduling Voters Assembly Meetings, Senior Leadership Team reviews, and status of the Ministry staff building on the goals set in the approved Strategic Direction document.

Other actions have included offering advice on the contract of Principal Gerald Gliege and on Trinity's Strategic Direction implementation led by Sr. Pastor. The Board also has offered encouragement on the Stewardship Drive and the Now Is the Time efforts being developed.

The Board has begun the process of searching for new candidates for the Governance Board. Board members Bill Birk, Ken Lash, and Wayne VanderVelde will serve on the nominating committee, with two members at large to be selected from the congregational membership.

In conclusion, the first year under our new governance model has had some challenges, but we are continuing to work within our policies and procedures to better equip Trinity Lutheran Church and School in our Strategic Direction.

We ask for your continued prayers for Trinity Lutheran Church and School.

Submitted for the Board,

William Birk

Vice-Chair, TLCS