Marco Melone

Introduction: I have been a Member of the Trinity Family since September 2007, my wife Beth, my daughters Amy and Megan, joined the congregation at the same time. In 2013 my Grandson (Tre -Marco III) joined through the waters of Baptism. Tre has been a student of our School from 3 Pre-K to the present (in First Grade). Our family serves our Church and School in many areas. My wife and daughter Amy are proud members of the Chancel Choir. My daughter Megan is active in our Sunday School and I am involved in our Men’s Saturday morning Study Group and Men of Trinity with Helping Hands-Ministry we worship together and volunteer our time and talents to our Church and School.

1.Reflect on your best experiences of serving on a committee or working with a group of people to accomplish a goal at Trinity of another organization. I have had so many positive experiences at Trinity, I will share a few. A highlight of my service at Trinity was when we moved the Library from the school to its current location in the Trinity Room. Briefly, the temperature was in the 90’s but despite this, we had a great turnout. Helping with this monumental move was a Gentleman in his 80’s, a man wearing a cast on his leg, and a

few school children. Despite the heat, we had 37 volunteers and, on that day, I knew Trinity was a Community of Christ Driven helpers. I have had plenty of Great experiences afterwards, specifically, as a leader of our Men’s Outreach (Men of Trinity with Helping Hands) Ministry. I have met many great care receivers including Widows, Single Moms, Seniors etc. Furthermore, I have been on the Business Managers Advisory Board from the beginning of its formation. It’s been an honor working with the Business Manager And a committee of dedicated, forward thinking and caring members of our church family. In addition, I have been a facilitator for our Saturday Morning Men’s bible study (the reward to me is beyond measure).

2.What do you believe is the greatest strength or talent given to you by God? I feel the greatest strength given to me by God is helping and serving whenever I am needed. I feel with the help of our Men of Trinity with Helping Hands Ministry, we are showing our Church Family and community we are a group of Men thanking God for our time and talents

3.What is it about Trinity Lutheran Church and School that you value most? Furthermore, I have loved the sense of family from the Church and School at Trinity. I feel you can’t love one without loving both- we are truly blessed.

4.What is it about being a member of the LCMS that you value most? Being a member of LCMS - is an honor we celebrate the sacrifice our God has made for us sending his one and only Son to die for us.

5.If you had three answered payers for Trinity Lutheran Church and School, what would they be?

1. For God to continue to bless us through our Pastoral leadership.

2. For God to continue to bless us and grow together through or Small Group Ministry.

3. For God to continue to give us the knowledge and ability to do his will as a People of God.