Board Minutes (2016-08-24)

Minutes for August 24, 2016 Governance Board Meeting

Meeting convened with opening prayer at 7:15 p.m.

In attendance:

Governance Board Members- Dale Brauer, Jeff Floerke, Tim Griffin, Ken Lash, Bev Rauch, Senior Pastor - Pastor Strand, Senior Leadership Team - Pastor Schauer, Mistee Plattner, and Jerry Gliege. Excused were Bill Birk and Wayne VanderVelde.

Jerry Gliege introduced himself to the Board as the acting Principal


Minutes from July 27 meeting were approved with following corrections.

Stewardship Focus “Now is the Time” School year Motto is “act justly” Micah 6:8.

Monthly Financial report was accepted. It was requested that a standard format for surplus and deficit be used on all documents and Mistee stated it would be ( ) for deficit. It was also requested that word surplus be used instead of profit as we are not-for -profit.

Monitoring document for policy 3.3 was submitted and accepted.

Senior Pastor encouraged all to reread the 3 references (Carver document, Bickel and Stroh book, and Jim Brown book), given to us as new Board Members. He then distributed a Strategic Direction Plan along with his background material of discussions with Christopher Jones and the Pastor from St Pete’s for our review.

He also shared his concerns over the use of executive sessions and the input he received from outside sources regarding not needing them. He said according to Stroh and Holm, at most 2 times per year for pastoral review and salary concerns, and according to District President Gilbert, No Executive Sessions. The Governance Board will review his requests and the proper protocol according to NID, LCMS, and other resources.

Audit report included the information that Daryl Dahlberg has been helping us contact auditors and currently has one CPA firm that would audit existing books for $10,500 with a qualified opinion and $12,000 for unqualified opinion. Two other firms are considering a proposal.

Pastor Schauer gave a summary of the current Stewardship Direction. It was agreed by all that Dale Brauer would be the Governance Board’s representative and contact to the committee, as needed.


Voter’s meeting was scheduled for Sunday October 16 with packet needing to be out no later than October 5. Governance Board Meeting dates were tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 and Tuesday, November 29. The September 28th meeting will remain on Wed. We will try to set a date for a retreat at next meeting.

Strategic direction plan shared by Pastor Strand will be reviewed by Board members for consideration/approval at next meeting.


Discussion on files to be updated will be tabled till next meeting after some work is done on existing files.

Meeting closed with prayer at 9:20.