Board Minutes (2017-02-21)

Minutes for February 21, 2017 Governance Board Meeting


Pastor Strand opened with devotion at 7:07


In attendance:

Governance Board Members - Jeff Floerke, Bill Birk, Dale Brauer, Ken Lash, Wayne VanderVelde, Erica Petro, Bev Rauch

Senior Pastor - Pr. Paul Strand

Senior Leadership Team - Mistee Plattner




Erica Petro was welcomed as our new Board Member. Wayne will ask Pastor Schauer to set up her email.



Minutes of the January 24th meeting were accepted as submitted.

Financial Report:

The Financial Reports were approved with correction of Principal and Interest wording for Mortgage

Policy Monitoring Report:

The Monitoring Report for Policy 3.3 was accepted.

Nominating Committee Report:

Nominating committee report waiting additional Nominations

Senior Pastor's Report:

Pastor Strand’s report included

  1. The proposed FY18 budget is currently balanced with a surplus of $24.32 with no change in staff except for addition of a Music Director and a 1% salary raise.
  2. Jason is a blessing to our music ministry. Ken Lash questioned if there is a requirement for teaching credentials for a music director for the school? Bill Birk did not think there was a state requirement for private schools.
  3. Youth attendance is up and is participating in All God’s People ministry
  4. Church attendance is up with school families attendance increasing
  5. Volunteer Booklet is being worked on

Audit Report:

Contract has been submitted by audit firm and we will review next meeting


John Holm Seminar:

John Holm Seminar was discussed and all agreed it was helpful especially for us to all hear the same suggestions, including we do not have to be so rigid with policies, and we need to communicate more with each other and congregation more.

Delta Sonic:

Delta Sonic meeting was discussed. We requested that Harry Gilmore get the information from the Village that he said was available at our all-advisory council meeting as to our future ability to build if the property was sold. Mistee is waiting response from Delta Sonic to questions that came up at that meeting. Mistee will work on a summary of the purchase agreement and the information pertaining to the sale for a handout to the congregation. On March 7, the Board will meet with two members from each advisory council to get pros and cons in writing, and they will join the Board at the Town Hall meetings scheduled for Thursday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m., Sundays April 23rd, and April 30th at 12:15.

Strategic Direction:



Voters' Meeting Agenda:

Voters Agenda presented For March 5, 2017 was accepted.


Executive Session was held


Meeting closed in prayer led by Bill Birk.

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