Board Minutes (2016-11-29)

Minutes for Governance Board Meeting


Opened in prayer led by Jeff Floerke at 7:12 P.M.


In attendance:

Governance Board Members - Bill Birk, Dale Brauer, Jeff Floerke, Ken Lash, Bev Rauch, Wayne VanderVelde


Governance Board Members - Tim Griffin

Senior Pastor - Pr. Paul Strand



Minutes from October 25th meeting were corrected with addition of “It was decided that if Principal Gliege would be asked to return for the next fiscal year, the Voters would have to approve the position. “ Also added closing time of 9:15.

Audit Report:

Audit report was given and Daryl Dahlberg came to answer questions. It was decided that an unqualified audit would be best, and currently the firm that most suits our needs and financial parameters is Sassetti LLC with Jeff Schroeder as contact. Bill Birk will call and ask to set up a meeting with Jeff Schroeder and the Business Manager, Finance officer and Daryl if possible. It was agreed that the best arrangement for Trinity might be an early fall audit when the year-end is closed (and our finance officer has more experience in our books). Prior to that time (this Spring) we would try and get the other reports and data necessary for an unqualified audit prepared.

Financial Report:

There was no Financial Report submitted. Due to circumstances, we will be emailed the reports by December 2 and we should review and email back our comments.

Policy Monitoring Report:

Monitoring Reports 3.4 and 3.5 were discussed and report will be submitted. 3.3, 3.6, and 3.7 will be discussed at the next meeting. In the future, all policy monitoring reports will be submitted the meeting before they are due, so that they have been reviewed before the meeting they are to be evaluated. We as a Board will evaluate using the worksheet submitted by Wayne, and will then discuss at the meeting. We will need the 3.4 monitoring report submitted at the December meeting so we can review before the Jan meeting.

Senior Pastor's Report:

No Senior Pastor report submitted.

Nominating Committee Report:

Nominating Committee report, Wayne reported that the website has been updated with necessary information.


Strategic Direction:

The Strategic Direction report was discussed and it was decided that since it is a policy, it should be written up as a policy monitoring document, beginning with interpretation, and rational, etc This would be due to us In January to be reviewed in February.

Delta Sonic Direction:

Delta Sonic Direction was discussed and it seems we have all questions from Delta Sonic answered. We are still not clear on how it fits into our Strategic direction. It was determined that Pastor would have to suggest Town Hall type meetings and what Voters’ meeting he would be prepared to present at.

Retreat Date:

Retreat date planning was tabled.


Employee Handbook:

Discussion on Employee Handbook was tabled until Jeff can discuss with Mistee.

May Voters' meeting date:

May Voters’ meeting was set for May 22 pending scheduling approval from Pastor.




The meeting was closed in prayer at 10:18 P.M.

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