Children's Ministries Report (March 2017)

Children's Ministries Report

MARCH 2017

Sunday School

Sunday School attendance has increased from an average of 55 students to an average of 65-80 students each Sunday.

We were successful in implementing a new curriculum this year. We continue with the 4 week rotation for 1st-5th grade, and the weekly rotation for pre-school and kindergarten.

A new newsletter was formatted for the program. It is sent by email, with limited paper copies for those who require it.

The following programs were implemented:

  • Integrated art and science into curriculum in order to engage more participation in the program and differentiate it from the Day School curriculum.
  • Arts integrated bible lessons – move away from crafts and toward projects that could become lasting keepsakes from the students early Christian walk. Art is the external manifestation of the love of God that is inside each of us.
  • The science curriculum allows for the study of science and the bible to find parallels between the two and lessons from nature that reinforce God’s Word.
  • We will focus on incorporating music in every classroom during the last few months of this Sunday School year.

Events to engage boys: Biblical lesson around sports tentatively entitled: “Sermons on the Field/Court”

  • The Basketball Social was a great success, attracting 65 students that do not regularly attend Sunday School.
  • Plans for a Snow Football event have been thwarted by the lack of snow this winter.
  • The Big Group Opening of Sunday School has focused on contemporary Christian music and hymns. We will have a set number of songs per year so that students leave each Sunday School year knowing new songs that will hopefully stay with them for a lifetime. Our Music Director, Shirley Kurasz is doing a wonderful job with the children. Jason Michalec is now also collaborating with us for Sunday School music.

Special Sunday Curriculum Focus:

  • Prayer: We started the Sunday School year with lessons on prayer.
  • Service Sunday: We are planning to have Service Sunday later this year. This Sunday will be especially set aside for children to explore ways they can give back.
  • Grant applications for larger events are in progress.
  • Integrate service. We collected donations for Feed My Starving Children this year.
  • Research on how children with special needs can be best served in Sunday School has been completed. This year we have not had a great demand for shepherds for children with special needs.
  • Sunday School Christmas Program: Arts integrated
  • Children’s Ministries storage project: This project is near completion. The 2nd floor storage area has been purged and I am in the midst of organizing what remains. The Children’s Ministries Office has also been purged and is being reorganized.
  • Worship Bags: We are updating the items being placed in the worship bags. New items are being merged with the old. We have also added 10 new worship bags as the previous supply of bags are being depleted most every Sunday by the 11am service.

Summer Children's Ministries Intern: Work on this program is in progress. We hope to launch the internship program this year.

Recruiting for Children’s Ministries Volunteers is ongoing.

Reveal Kids

  • Attendance numbers for Reveal Kids have risen from an average of 10-12 to an average of 20-35 each week.
  • I researched the origins of Reveal Kids to help inform decision making on where the program should go. The age group remains to be age 4-8. We do not turn older children away, but we advise parents that the curriculum focus remains to be age 4-8. We use the older children as helpers.
  • We are using a Kids Church curriculum that was an existing resource within Children’s Ministries. I have recruited enough volunteers so that each one volunteers for one Sunday each month.
  • Currently, looking into a giveaway specifically for students who attend Reveal Kids. (i.e. baseball hat, water bottle.) This helps solidify the group and will attract more participation, as giveaways only go to children who attend.

Vacation Bible School

Our focus will be on community outreach and improving upon the existing model.

We hope to launch the summer internship program prior to VBS. Plans are to post the opportunity at Trinity Christian College, Concordia University Chicago, and individual offers to seasoned Trinity VBS volunteers who are college students.


Triangles attendance has increased from average of 10-15 to an average of 24-36. We have moved to monthly events on Thursdays or Fridays that run for 120 minutes each (previously 90 minute sessions). Students have a bible lesson, are served dinner at most events, and participate in an activity.

Family Ministry

Programs that allow families time together in a way that integrates more seamlessly with their lives and schedules are pending.

Trinity Day at White Water Canyon Water Park, Tinley Park, IL (Hopefully we can get a Trinity discount at a group rate. This attaches to the end of VBS).

Trinity Weekend at Six Flags Great America (discount code). The Day School allows students 6th grade and under to earn a free ticket through reading for leisure throughout the year. A discount code would make the day more affordable for the remainder of the family and allow opportunities for fellowship within the Trinity membership

Family/Community Mosaic Project (fountain, bird bath, bench, etc.).

Children's Ministries Comminuications

New newsletter format was introduced last year.

Social media – Children’s Ministries Facebook page is already up. Work on increasing the number of followers. Possibly Twitter.