Senior Pastor Report
MARCH 2017


  1. Monthly staff meeting, usually last Tuesday of the month, with all church staff, principal and admissions director.
  2. Monthly meeting with senior leadership team which consists of associate pastor, principal and business manage
  3. Two times a month meet with principal
  4. Every week meet with business manager
  5. Every month meet with church staff individually to discuss their ministries, how they are moving them forward, and how they are in agreement with the overall strategic direction of Trinity
  6. Once a week visit and speak with a classroom during religion class
  7. Weekly vlogs on YouTube to church and community
  8. Visitations cover some 50 people a month on average (1,500-1,800 miles covered)
  9. Preaches 4 out of 5 Sundays on average
  10. Weddings and Funerals (40+ a year) and Baptisms (45)
  11. Offers approximately 70 worship opportunities a year
  12. Administers the operations and ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church and School