Music Ministry Report
MARCH 2017

Past Items

  1. Instituted the use of Concertato or Hymn Festival Based Music for major church holidays (Reformation, All Saints, and Christmas)
  2. Beginning to use the additional functions of the organ incorporating both a sequencer and synthesizer that were never used.
  3. Kept the handbell and adult choirs stable. Working with Jo Rodenburg on planning and expanding our music program
  4. Excellent Service of Lessons and Carol’s service.

Future Items

  1. Still working on a brass choir. We now have three confirmed and need 5 total.
  2. Overseeing that choirs are scheduled to perform at more services
  3. Planning a Silent Film Festival with the organ. Date to be announced soon.
  4. Lutheran High School of Kansas City Performing on March 10th
  5. Planning on big Holy Week Services with instrumentalists and our adult choirs performing.
  6. Planning on a having Dr. Steven Wente from Concordia to do a concert on our organ.
  7. Teaching the congregation some new and more modern and uplifting hymns.
  8. Instructing a Beginning Handbells course this summer, this will teach people basic music theory, counting, and note recognition.
  9. Possible Hymn festival in 2018.