Business Manager Report
MARCH 2017

  1. Updated faulty track lighting in sanctuary to LED
  2. North drive was repaired, speed bumps for the safety of the children installed, pot holes filled and lines painted
  3. Video intercom system being installed for extended care purposes at door #7
  4. Work with building manager Ron Rezek, in monitoring the repairs needed around facility
  5. Facilitated school attendance monitoring letter for October and January and will continue for March and June timeframes
  6. Hired and trained new finance manager
  7. Hired security guard and arranged for his training
  8. Mentoring volunteers to facilitate this April’s Easter Extravaganza in the absence of a director of fellowship
  9. Employee handbook completed and legal council sought to review
  10. Preparation of high level variance reports on a monthly basis for governance board
  11. Review of 2017 health insurance package; workers comp policy; facilities insurance
  12. Write up monitoring policy reports according to governance board schedule- 3.1 (Treatment of Congregational Constituencies); 3.2 (Treatment of Staff and Volunteers); 3.3 (Financial Planning/Budgeting); 3.4 (Financial Condition & Activities); 3.6 (Asset Protection) and 3.7 (Employment, Compensation, and Benefits)
  13. Fiscal 2018 Budget developed
  14. Volunteer booklet in final stages of development
  15. Developing a more extensive Church Security/Safety Team to include 3 critical drills (fire, tornado and lock down); updating number of AED’s located in facility and the number of first aid kits available for use. Security guards are now trained in CPR and have received shooter drill training
  16. Beginning early planning stages for an outside financial audit to be conducted in fall of 2017
  17. Implemented more stringent internal financial policies including two signatures required for all invoices, as well as, the employee setting up the vendors and paying the invoices has no signing rights on checks
  18. Continued input into strategic direction
  19. Reviewing endowment foundation paperwork leading to future discussions with Pastor Schauer and his stewardship team
  20. Reviewing cemetery professional liability policy and terrorism insurance for the church with our carrier Church Mutual
  21. Reviewing maintenance contracts for building
  22. Updating procedure for who has access to the church/school after hours. Taking inventory of all keys in hands of staff and volunteers and updating key log. A formal policy and procedure is now written concerning upkeep of a key log
  23. Beginning bid process for southwest parking lot to be resurfaced in June
  24. Discussing with building manager and advisory council options for reducing heat in gymnasium per a request from Principal Gliege
  25. Exterior spring clean-up date being set