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Board Minutes (2017-01-24)

Minutes for January 24, 2017 Governance Board Meeting


Meeting opened in prayer at 7:05 P.M.


In attendance:
Governance Board Members - Jeff Floerke, Dale Brauer, Wayne VanderVelde, Bill Birk, Ken Lash, Bev Rauch
Senior Pastor - Pr. Paul Strand
Senior Leadership Team - Mistee Plattner

Governance Board Members - Tim Griffin


Minutes of the December 20, 2016 meeting were accepted.

Acceptance of Resignation:
Resignation due to job change of Tim Griffin was accepted.

Financial Report:
Finance report was discussed

Policy Monitoring Report:
Policy review of 3.4 was discussed with data and questions from the google document filled in by the board members. We all agreed this was a tool to help all of us better understand our policies. Mistee provided us with Policy 3.3 for next month.

Senior Pastor's Report:
Pastor Strand reported on the budget process and stated that without any staff cuts, but no pay raises he was looking at a small surplus budget. More work is needed. He is requesting ministry reports for voters ‘ packet. Discussion of Voters Assembly motion for approval of Jerry Gliege’s contract position.


Jeff Schroeder from Sassetti, LLC CPA firm recommended a late October /Nov audit. Allows enough time to gather all information. We can save money if we do some of the fact gathering in house. Bill Birk will request a contract and scope of work.

Nominating Committee Report:
The Nominating Committee has set their timeline for nominations ending on February 26.

Strategic Direction:
Strategic Direction was discussed and tabled till we meet with John Holm on January 28th for more clarification.

Delta Sonic Direction:
Delta Sonic Direction was discussed and tabled till we meet with John Holm on January 28th for more clarification.


John Holm retreat follow-up discussion:
The Saturday retreat with John Holm was discussed. Time 9-3 and lunch from Jimmy Johns.


Executive Session Followe


Closed at 8:45 P.M.